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Are you obsessed with all things organization ? Do you save all of the latest Pinterest Post, Instagram Reels, and Tiktoks when it comes to Luxury Organization? If you do, then we just might be the perfect fit for you and your space.


We all know how extremely overwhelming decluttering, packing, organizing, downsizing, and unpacking from a move can be for anyone. Let’s not mention the heartache you feel after you enjoyed purchasing all of the lovely bins and baskets, only to later realize that you have no idea how to create a system that works. Your space is still a mess and continues to frustrate you at the sight of it. Then there is the daunting task of having to navigate through boxes, closets, cabinets or even piles of mess.

The GREATEST INVESTMENT  that you can give to yourself and your family is a peace of mind by contacting Keeping It Kontained Professional Organizers to do the job for you. We want to help you avoid all of the stress, hassle, and the dreadful thought of rummaging through your belongings in search of the items you need the most. 


This is something we simply love to do. While it may be frustrating for you, it’s relaxing for us! Let us help you start living a better life today. 


Kitchen & Pantry
Laundry & Mudroom


Nursery & Playroom
Bedroom & Bathroom 


Virtual Organization 

Move-In & Unpacking 
Kloset & Home Office


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"Organization is not just organization for us, it is simply an ART." - Keeping It Kontained

Luxury organization for us is all about improving mental health, while creating happiness with beautifully, tailored systems.


  • We use the 5K Method created by​ Keeping It Kontained to create functional and effective spaces​

  • Each space is customized to cater to the needs of each client

  • ​ All spaces are organized to appear aesthetically pleasing as well as functional for the entire family

  •  Virtual or In Home organization is an option 

  • Keeping It Kontained shops for new kontainers, labels,  hangers, and other organizing products to achieve top tier organization

Neatly Folded Linen



"The more things your own, the more they own you!" -Joshua Millburn 


Decluttering improves your focus, gives you clarity, creates happiness, and greatly reduces stress. 

  • Removal of expired, damaged, and unused items

  • Items will be prepared for donation, discarded, or properly Kontained for storage

  • This option is ideal for seniors looking to downsize, realtors looking to expedite sells, those preparing to sell a  home, or anyone looking for a fresh start & organized space

  • Once decluttering has been completed we can start the best part…. Organizing!


Fun Fact : Downsizing your home and packing your excess items to place in storage, increases the value of your home by 1-5%.

Our packing sessions will help you to better Kontain your space before placing it on the market. So why not give your home the magic touch that it needs to showcase to potential buyers?


  • Declutter selected spaces and lightly stage and style remaining items within your space 

  • Pack up excess items and items you will no longer need during your home selling process 

  • Set aside packed boxes for you to easily store in your attic, pod, or storage until you move

Interior of Kids Room


Did you know that the average American house hold takes over  182 days to get unpacked?


Unpacking can take days to weeks, to months, and even years. The amount of time and assistance you have definitely plays a major part. 

  • You relax  and handle other task while we set up the main parts of your home first.

  • We will unpack the main areas of your home or the entire house (refrigerator, bathrooms, kitchen, pantry, closets, or garages).

  • The amount of unpacking achieved is solely up to you, and is  based on how many hours you would like to invest into your unpacking session.

  • All unpacking sessions are a minimum of 8 Hours. There is no set time on how long it will take to unpack a house. Depending on the amount of items, sorting, and decluttering needed .


Managing life while also trying to manage a move can be stressful. By delegating the move to professionals this allows you to focus on other priorities and give you a peace of mind. 

  • Collaborate with your selected moving company to ensure all boxes are properly labeled, color coded, and grouped according to their category for easy unpacking and proper placement of your belongings​​

  • Unpack items and place them into personalized systems to best fit you and your family. 

  • Shop for all organizational products and supplies needed to properly kontain your items and create systems that you can continue to keep kontained. 

  • Coordinate pick ups with local charities and  junk removal companies​

  • Handle the breakdown and removal of all boxes and packing supplies

Movers Carrying Shelving Unit
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