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We know how extremely overwhelming decluttering, organizing, and unpacking from a move can be for you. There's nothing like the daunting feeling after moving in and now you're left with the task of getting unpacked and adjusted in your new home.


               Some have children that are running rampant and as parents you want to quickly locate their toys, set up their room, and get them settled into their new home. Whereas others of you may be stressed because you have to be at work the next day or prepare for your new job. 

    We get it ! IT'S ALOT!            

Whatever the situation may be we are here to help you 



          We've seen this too many times before.

It's still a year later and you have yet to unpack and everything is piling up.

You dread it so much that you go out and waste money on things you already have at home...but just can't seem to find. Sometimes there is even one spouse left to do the unpacking. This only leads to arguments and resentment from the lack of help in your home.


We want to help you avoid all of the stress, hassle, and avoid the dreadful

thought of rummaging through your belongings in search of items you need.


  The GREATEST INVESTMENT and gift that you can give to yourself as well as your family is

to hire Keeping It Kontained Professional Organizers to do the job for you. It's frustrating for you and relaxing for us! :)


This is something we simply love to do. The best part is seeing the smile on our clients' faces and the cheers from all of the kids. 

Kitchen & Pantry
Laundry & Mudroom


Nursery & Playroom
Bedroom & Bathroom 


Virtual Organization 

Move-In & Unpacking 
Kloset & Home Office


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  • We unpack and organize each space as we go 

  • You relax and focus on other tasks  while we set you up for success 

  • Each space that you have selected will be ready to use at the end of all completed sessions 

  • We can unpack selected spaces to get you started or unpack the entire house. The amount of unpacking completed is based solely on the number of sessions/hours you purchase.




  • We use the 5K Method created by Keeping It Kontained to  create functional and effective spaces

  • Each client will have a customized plan to create aesthetically pleasing and most importantly functional spaces the entire family will love

  • Virtual or In Home organization is an option 

  • Keeping It Kontained shops for new kontainers, labels,  hangers, and other organizing products to achieve top tier organization



  • Removal of expired, damaged, and unused items

  • Items will be prepared for donation, discarded, or properly Kontained

  • This option is ideal for seniors looking to downsize, realtors looking to expedite sells, or anyone looking for a fresh start & organized space

  • Once decluttering has been done we can start the best part…. Organizing!

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