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Welcome to Keeping It Kontained Luxury Organization 

This is a professional luxury organization business, where we declutter and organize for a more breathable space. We ensure that everything is extremely functional and esthetically pleasing to the eye. We provide an array of services that help you live a happier more stress free lifestyle.

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My Story

               As a young child I grew up in a home that was always tidy and well kept. My mother believed in creating a beautiful space, where we could function as children and have clear minds. I remember changing out our comforters and room decorations throughout the house every single season. It was something that we really enjoyed and looked forward to as well. My brothers and I would always have the task of building things for our room or other parts of the house. This was our quality time together and it was always such a joy.


            During the time my mother was working, I enjoyed clearing out all of the closets and sorting through items to keep or donate. I would coordinate our closets with beautiful hangers and throw out any of those old dry-cleaning hangers. I have always despised those things. In our house we loved to repaint our walls and pick out bright new colors and bed linen to match. Whether, it was organizing our toy box or redesigning the kitchen I could never decide on which I loved more.           

            As I grew older, close family and friends would pay me to organize different spaces throughout their home or office. I went on to do my final senior project on interior design. After graduating I majored in design, business, and marketing at Mississippi State University. Organization and design is not only a passion for me, but it is a true gift that God has given me. You can see it through my work. I absolutely love decluttering, new containers, and beautiful labels. I love the feeling that it gives others to see their space transformed. Everyone deserves to experience luxury and a peace of mind in this form. Let me share my gift with you, so you too can



Start living the life you deserve today! 


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